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Our Super Specialties

Florem Hospital specializes in gynecology and pediatrics, providing advanced medical care for women and children. With experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, it is a reliable choice for those seeking specialized medical services.

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Critical Care

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Kidney Care

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Pain Medicine

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General Medicine

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Burn Unit

Why Choose Florem Hospital?

Personalized Care and Advanced Technology

At Florem Hospital, you've come to the right place for exceptional care for both you and your baby.

Leading Mother and Child Hospital

Best Professional



Certified labs

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Satisfied Patients

Level 2B

Neonatology unit

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Our Story

Florem Hospital, founded by Dr. Gurpreet Singh Josan and Dr. Ritu Singh Josan, is a leading pediatric and Multi Super-specialty hospital with a reputation for success in gynecology, child care, and handling premature deliveries.

Meet Our Specialists

Experience the exceptional expertise of our doctors at Florem Hospital. Rest assured knowing that you can trust us for top-quality medical services. Our dedicated team of expert doctors is committed to providing reliable and exceptional healthcare you can count on.

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Address: Majitha Road, Byepass Chowk 143001, Rishi Vihar, Amritsar, Punjab